Дочь Александра Абдулова несколько лет избегала приходить на его могилу
Ksenia Alferova has shared details of the relationship with the father.

Alexander Abdulov with the dog Avoca

Photo: @ksenialferova Instagram Ksenia Alferova

If not for a severe fatal disease that took the life of Alexander Abdulov, today he would have turned
63. In honor of the birthday of his adopted daughter — Ksenia Alferova
shared memories of dad and explained why many years avoided the grave
father. Turns out she still can’t get used to the idea that it is already
no. According to Xenia, there until recently lived with the hope that he will return.”

“I only now understand,
what a pain for so many years is not gone, she lives with me, only
hid very deep. I really do miss my dad, his jokes, his unbridled
energy, new ideas and bullying! — Ksenia wrote in his microblog. — Not
enough of the Pope! I know that he’s in Heaven, know that he is good that
watching from the top and helps! But without it bad! It’s great that on the earth lived like this
extraordinary, amazing man, father and actor! He warmed with your light
many gave and gave themselves millions, did much good, had infected her
talent and passion! Thank you, God, that gave me and all of us happiness to live
next to this human being!”.

Together with the revelations
Ksenia published a rare picture of Alexander with his favorite dog Avoca.
Alferov also advised all fans to look at Abdulov the film “the Inventor”,
the filming of which was attended by spouse of Xenia — Egor Beroev.

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