Дочь Александра Абдулова показала сложный характер Марку Захарову On Tuesday, fans of theater and movie stars remember the movies with his participation. Alexander Abdulov died in 2008 – he died after a struggle with cancer. Each artist spoke about how now living, his widow and heiress.
Дочь Александра Абдулова показала сложный характер Марку Захарову

29 may your 65th birthday is celebrated to the legendary Alexander Abdulov. Star and theater actor died in January 2008 at the age of 54 years. In the early morning of the actor and his work remembered in social networks. Journalists contacted a friend Abdulov Vladimir Czerepanovii, head of the service of sound “Lenkom”. He was friends with a celebrity. Friend Alexander Gavrilovic spoke about the success of his daughter and the last conversation with the artist.

In a big way: friends Abdulov told of his riotous feasts

Julia Abdulova now lives with 11-year-old heir to Eugene in the apartment of the deceased husband, located on the street Gilyarovskogo. During the vacation the girl is likely to go to the cottage in Vnukovo. Jack reminds relatives mother father Lyudmila Alexandrovna. According to relatives, the child has the same oval face. Daughter Abdulov does well in school and already tries herself as an actress. However, once she showed character and suddenly refused a tempting proposal when it was discussed.

“Mark Zakharov’s name was Eugene in our theater for a small part. In “the Royal games” in the final output, when very young Elizabeth bring to a scene and she says one sentence: “Elizabeth will be first.” Her to the exit was prepared, she had rehearsed, and then said, say they do not want, I don’t like it. Never came on the scene. Sasha’s character! She’s always at children’s parties was the most important, all built, commanded. Recently, she however starred in a small role in the film with Maxim Averin, but yet she has all the interests connected with the school,” said a friend Abdulov of Cherepanov.
Дочь Александра Абдулова показала сложный характер Марку Захарову

Buddy Alexander Gavrilovich often remembers it. According to Cherepanova, the actor was responsive and helped many people. Next to the “Lenkom” is the Church, the restoration of which the star was involved. Once Abdulov baptized there daughter. In the same place of the artist’s funeral after death.

The last time Cherpanov was seen with a friend before the New year. When the man came to the actor in Vnukovo, that I wasn’t feeling well and were reluctant to talk. The next day, Abdul went to a medical facility, but then returned home to celebrate the holiday with family. “He wanted to see my mom. Then went back to the hospital where eventually he died,” shared friend of Alexander Gavrilovic with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Recall that Jack Abdulov was born on March 21, 2007. The girl’s mother was the second and last official wife of the famous actor Julia.