Daughter not adopted: Kate moss left her fiancé

Дочь не приняла: Кейт Мосс бросила жениха

The supermodel broke up with her future husband because he could not find a common language with her daughter.

In July 2011, Kate married guitarist of The Kills, Jamie Hinsa, but last year the couple broke up. At the same time moss found solace in the arms of a young heir to an impressive state of Nikolai von Bismarck. In July, the satellite did Kate offer and handed over the ring with a huge sapphire, but it looks like a fairy tale came to an end.

How did you find the journalists, the relationship the 42-year-old star and her 29-year-old chosen one interfered with her daughter Lila grace, which in 2002, Kate gave birth to a publisher Jefferson Hack.

Lulu and Nicholas couldn’t get along, because the man didn’t see himself in the role of daddy 14-year-old, and the girl was not happy with the guy who is not much older than her, but trying it push you around.

However, this is not the only cause of disorder. If you believe the rumors, Kate, who herself spent years caught in a nasty history of abuse of alcohol, appeared at parties in an indecent form and became a star of the tabloids for his antics, was unhappy that her choice leads to an equally loose way of life!

That is, the star looked at him in the mirror and decided that Nicholas must change. But the 29-year-old boy, who has yet to break away and break away, rebelled and refused to live by the rules of the moss. Gradually, their small disagreements began to turn into a big argument. And as an insider told press, Kate even though he was madly in love, but decided that such a Union is not for her.

But, of course, a key role in this story played Lulu. The daughter is the main person in the life of a moss, the star has repeatedly said and explained that no man will come into her life, if it does not approve of Lulu.

Really hope that Kate and Nicholas are reunited, after all. Yet moss not officially announced the termination of the grinding, so, Nicholas has a chance to try to charm Lulu and lead Kate down the aisle.