Daughter Nicole Kidman “out of the shadows»

Дочка Николь Кидман «выходит из тени»
25-year-old Isabella became a designer.

Дочка Николь Кидман «выходит из тени»

nicole Kidman


Isabella Kidman Cruz


Foster daughter Nicole Kidman which actress adopted with her ex-husband
Tom cruise, when she was very tiny, he decided to become a businesswoman.
25-year-old Isabella became a designer: she founded her brand, which is called BKS, which stands for,
as Bella Cruise Kidman.
Daughter Kidman is going to sell to was at her online store t-shirts, embellished
“prints,” made by her own sketches.

Isabella, who is always perfectly painted, dreamed
becoming a professional artist. However, the artistic career she has
went wrong and she became a stylist-hairdresser. And that’s it
suit, as Isabella always consciously distanced himself from
famous parents, tried to keep a low profile and avoided to attract
attention. Even when Isabella married her boyfriend max
Parker, she was not invited to the wedding neither mother nor father. But after marriage she
settled with her husband in a modest house in Croyden in the South London. And work in the ordinary beauty salon, where
she worked for several years, it was fine.

But now Isabella apparently decided that in life it’s time to change something. Daughter of the famous actress decided to do
business and and reportedly began to establish contact with Nicole. But it
almost ceased to communicate with his mother after Kidman divorced cruise —
due to the fact that the actress refused to recognize Scientology — a religion
which Tom raised their children. We will remind: in addition to his name, Nicole and Tom
adopted once more, and a son, Connor, who also left to live with his father after
divorce’s. As for Nicole, she got second marriage with Keith
Urban two biological children that she is raising 9-year-old sandy and 7-year-old