Daughter Nicole Kidman grow up hockey fans

Дочки Николь Кидман растут хоккейными фанатками
One of the heiresses of the actress hinted that he wants to become an athlete.

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban with daughters


As described recently, Nicole
Kidman, her girls just love sport, which usually are addicted to
boys. About it the actress said at the ceremony CTM Award.

“Both our daughters and
eight-year-old sandy, and six faith — big, big fans of hockey. They always beg us to take them to the stadium
for the matches!” he told Nicole. Especially violent football fan — the eldest daughter of Kidman her husband Keith
Urbana. It refers to hockey very seriously. Whatever she did,
Sandy never misses any
broadcast of the Stanley Cup on TV.

Once told
Nicole, they girls went to one of the games. “The rest of the match was only
a few minutes, as the scoreboard had the score 4:2, Keith decided to leave. We
wanted to avoid the “crush” in the crowd at the exit of the stadium. But sandy was indignant
and demanded that we finish the game
to the end. We had no other option how to stay…” — recalls with a smile Nicole.
Incidentally, the eldest daughter of Kidman already hinted to her that I wish she would
to become an athlete.

Recall that sandy elder
biological daughter of Kidman that she carried and gave birth to herself. But the younger
Faith was born through a surrogate mother, which Nicole had
to use because of problems
health incurred by the actress.
But in addition to the two children Kidman
from urban, Nicole has two adopted Bella and Connor, whom she
adopted at a time when I was married to Tom cruise. However, after her divorce from
Tom, children, educated in the spirit of Scientology — cruise’s religion, preferred
to stay with your father. So Kidman since they almost did not see…