Daughter Mishulina revealed the sensational truth about why he couldn’t have been born the illegitimate son of

Дочь Мишулина раскрыла сенсационную правду о том, почему у него не мог родиться внебрачный сын The legitimate heir of the actor has told about the family secret. In the words of Karina, her father in 1981 developed infertility. That is why the members of the family of the famous artist are sure that Timur Eremeev lying about the presence of relationships.
Дочь Мишулина раскрыла сенсационную правду о том, почему у него не мог родиться внебрачный сын

For the past few months has been simmering scandal involving the name of the famous actor Spartaka Mishulina. The young man Timur Eremeev claims to be the heir of the stars of theatre and cinema. In the words of the alleged son, the artist lived for two families knew of its existence.

Recognition Timur shocked only daughter Karina Mishulina. A young woman has decided to sue the administration, accusing him of slander. The successor of the actor is confident that the father could not be illegitimate children because of age the patient developed infertility.

Daughter Spartaka Mishulina million plans to sue for libel about his illegitimate son

“In 1981, two years after my birth, dad had an acute exacerbation of appendicitis. He was in the hospital, and amid the problems developed infertility. My mom went to the doctor, but he threw up his hands. They age was running out, wanted a second child, but my father do not have the chance to have children,” said Karina.
Дочь Мишулина раскрыла сенсационную правду о том, почему у него не мог родиться внебрачный сын

A young woman is ready to present all evidence in court. Karina says that she has a medical certificate confirming sterility of the father. Now Mishulina attends the court meeting, hoping to seek justice. She wants to sue the alleged brother of one million rubles for libel.

Himself Eremeev confident in the relationship with the actor. He believes that is incredibly similar to Spartaka Mishulina. However, the young person does not require any financial support that they need only the recognition of relatives.

Speaking to representatives of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” Karina said that she was willing to forgive Timur if he publicly apologized.

“He could just come and say that he is ashamed of his actions, but really doubt about relationships. We’d passed all the tests, but Timur went the other way. Now my mom has health problems,. It literally shakes. Sugar increased, the pressure jumps. I don’t want him to go unpunished for it,” said Mishulina.

Previously, Karina was able to find an old suit of his father, on which experts found his DNA. Now, the artist intends to conduct a full examination and finally solve the question of the relationship with Timur Yeremeyev. Mishulina sure you’re right, but the point of this story is set just after the end of the trial.

Battle of the heirs Spartaka Mishulina: loud statements, DNA tests and the courts