Daughter Meladze will arrange the wedding of the century

Дочь Меладзе устроит свадьбу века

25-year-old Inga Meladze decided on a wedding date.

The eldest daughter of musician finally decided to settle down. A year after the engagement, Inga and her partner Englishman Nori Vergis set the date of the coming triumph.

Those who expect to enjoy a bride in a white dress in a short time, is patience. Yes, the engagement pair took place in autumn last year, but to have the wedding they plan until next year.

Why do the young so long? Maybe a couple of superstitious and doesn’t want to marry in a leap year, it’s considered a bad omen. Maybe everything is much easier…

In social networks of Inga herself has written about the upcoming event:

“Two weeks ago we had a year from the date of engagement, and for exactly a year this weekend we will celebrate the wedding. 07-08.10.2017. Date scheduled, the countdown has begun.”

And after this record, she has put the hashtag #swedbanka. Such a strong statement requires responsible training here for a couple of months is not enough. So, most of all, Inga and Nori decided to get married next year because they have all carefully planned so that the celebration turned out perfect.

A little more patience from the bride details about the dress and the rings.

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