Дочь Меладзе берет пример с Веры Брежневой The successor of the famous names have graduated from University, so don’t know what to do next. Before Inga had shared in the microblog picture from a family event, birthday her aunt Liana Meladze, and told who she wants to be like.

      The family Meladze celebrated the birthday of Creeper, the sisters Valeria and Constantine, as well as producer of the company Velvet Music. A photo from the celebration shared her niece Inga. Daughter Valeria this year he graduated and soon was going to marry an Englishman Nori Vergina. 25-year-old heiress of the artist admitted that he does not know what to do in the future.

      “I am officially not a student anymore, and then lie down to die. Although still there are three examples that after 25 years after the student does not end life: Mama, Liana Meladze, 25,5 whose birthday is celebrated today, and the lady on the right,” wrote Inga in the microblogging, put up a photo with her sister Arina and Vera Brezhneva.

      Apparently, Inga tries to follow the example of these three women. The girl has been living separately from their parents, but vacations and holidays are often organized with family. Relatives and friends of the eldest daughter Valeria already prepare for her wedding. The celebration is scheduled for the second half of 2016. Mother Inga Irina is excited about the future husband of the girl. She told me that Nori made a proposal to her successor in a very romantic setting during their joint trip to Marrakech.

      “The daughter was led into the gazebo, covered with flowers, crammed with candles, Nori knelt Inga said that I’ve never seen him so excited”, – said the “StarHit” Irina Meladze. According to her, the daughter always wanted to be like Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin and her boyfriend could give her to feel in that moment a heroine of a fairytale castle. The groom is the eldest daughter Meladze year saving up for the ring

      By the way, last month daughter Valeria with his father staged a joint vacation on the French Riviera. Inga, Sophia and Arina rarely see dad because of his work schedule, so were glad to go with him to the Mediterranean sea. He is proud of his heirs, because, according to him, all the girls are very talented and capable.

      “Inga, the eldest, is very clever. She has a fantastic education – she graduated in the Oxford psychology Department and continues to study at the London school of Economics. 15-year-old Sonia – daddy’s girl. I think when you grow up, it’s the same community center as her grandmother – my mom who keeps loved ones in one beam: remembers all the birthdays, holidays, calls family, with all. There are no day when she didn’t call me, and we were not able to discuss all the details. And the younger Arish in 13 years such a cheerful person! I’d like to see a mindset for the positive in any situation preserved it forever,” admitted Valery in an interview.

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