Дочь Маши Распутиной объявлена в розыск
32-year-old Lydia missing.

Дочь Маши Распутиной объявлена в розыск

Masha Rasputina

In the ranks of fans of Masha Rasputina is well known,
that 53-year-old singer always had a complicated relationship with her daughter Lydia,
which is now 32 years old. Holidays became aware of the fact that the girl
missing and wanted.

Mary and Lydia, born married the flamboyant singer with
first husband Vladimir Ermakov, did not communicate for almost ten years. It is known that
the daughter of actress for a long time was under supervision of doctors. Surrounded by
Rasputina is often said that the girl refuses to call her mom.

In a rare interview, the actress claimed that the reason
the current situation, she sees former husband, allegedly podsedice daughter
psychotropic drugs.

As reports the Internet-the edition Sobesednik.ru week
ago it became known that Lydia was gone. According to the information portal, the girl
unsuccessfully searching for half-brother Alexei, the son of Vladimir Ermakov from the first
marriage. It is known that after the death of his father, Lydia inherited relies exactly
half bedroom apartment in one of the sleeping areas of Moscow, and
also some amount of money. Now the daughter Rasputina needs to get the rights
inheritance, but about where she is, nobody knows.

The daughter of singer — Lydia