Daughter Marina Golub rethink relations with the Pope after the tragedy

Дочь Марины Голуб переосмыслила отношения с папой после трагедии On Friday honoured artist of the Russian Federation would celebrate its anniversary. Five years ago there was a terrible accident, which resulted in the Marina Golub died. On the eve of the birthday of actress journalists interviewed her heiress Anastasia.
Дочь Марины Голуб переосмыслила отношения с папой после трагедии

December 8, Marina Golub would have turned 60 years old. The life of the actress was tragically cut short in the night from 9 to 10 October 2012. Honoured artist of Russia died in a car accident. The culprit admitted broker of Alexei Rusakov, who was driving the other car. He was sentenced to six and a half years of imprisonment in a General regime colony.

On the eve of birthday of celebrity journalists contacted her only daughter, 32-year-old Anastasia. Two years after her mother died, she lost a grandfather of Gregory Efimovich blue. TV presenter and producer admitted that the death of loved ones caused her to rethink the relationship with the father.

“Unfortunately, those people who raised me, was no longer alive. And there comes a time when you realize that the only native person on earth is your dad. Eugene Trainin, my father, with whom I never lived, – told the daughter of a famous actress. – After mom, we began to think differently about our relationship. He became closer to me. And I am very grateful that he helps me now that I’m not alone”.
Дочь Марины Голуб переосмыслила отношения с папой после трагедии

The father of Anastasia – entrepreneur Eugene Trainin, the first husband of the actress. Marina Golub met with a businessman when they voted on the road. Eugene conquered the Marina a beautiful courtship, however, the romance was fleeting.

In an interview, Anastasia said that the father did not take an active part in her upbringing. The presenter always considered myself my mother’s daughter, though her appearance is, according to many, more like dad. Eugene Trainin tried to help financially, Marina Golub. According to Anastasia, daddy paid for her trip to America with my classmates, but also classes with Tutors, and also gave the first car.

Daughter Marina Golub said the proud father. Trainin has the same feelings towards the heiress. After a famous actress was married to actor Vadim Dolgachev, little Anastasia some time called him dad. When she was six years marriage to her mother broke up. Third husband of Marina Golub was Anatoly White.

During a recent conversation with journalists, she noted that she never interrupted communication with his native father. Now Trainin is retired, but continues to work. “He’s a businessman, he has his own company. Of course, the Pope is part of my mother’s life”, – quotes the daughter Marina Golub “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.