Дочь Маргариты Тереховой рассказала о состоянии здоровья своей матери
Anna Terekhova calls mom “delicate flower” and “little girl”.

Margarita Terekhova


The daughter of a famous actress Margarita Terekhova Anna for the first time in
for a long time told about my mother’s condition, suffering from disease
Alzheimer’s. Usually Anna is trying to avoid this topic, but for Boris
Korchevnikov she made an exception, coming to the broadcaster for filming it
the program “Destiny of man”. Since 2005, 75-year-old Margaret B. was forced
to abandon the game in theatre and other work because of illness. It does not appear on
people and does not give interviews.

“With this disease, frankly, do not live long,
sadness says Anna. But this way of caring and care
that extend the life of the real person. Disease all different passes.
When my mother was just beginning, I calmed
and said that she doesn’t understand what’s going on with her
and I don’t need to worry and care for her. My mommy
was this little girl, absolutely delicate flower who needs
the care and concern. I’m glad that she doesn’t understand what’s going on.
Now she, unfortunately, can not speak. But she finds out
me, I see it in your eyes” — said Terekhov.

unfortunately, every year the disease progresses, and cure Margarita
impossible. Loved ones never leave actress alone — Anna and her
brother Alexander shall make every effort to life their mom was at the proper
level. The actress is surrounded by
native people, who for a single day does not leave the woman alone.