Дочь Маргариты Тереховой: «Мама перестала говорить» Anna Terekhova told about the health of the mother. According to the actress, her mother is now behaving like a small child and can’t talk. However, the legendary performer of the role my Lady still recognizes family and loves poetry.
Дочь Маргариты Тереховой: «Мама перестала говорить»

Milady de winter in “D’artagnan and three Musketeers”, the Countess Diane de Belfort in “the Dog in the manger” Natalia in “the Mirror” — the cult role in the filmography of Margarita Terekhova are common. It was believed that the actress managed any role, but especially brilliant was her passionate heroines with dramatic fate of living on the brink of madness.

It is such a bright woman, capable, as it seemed, his fire to burn even through the TV screen, she remembered the audience. But now Margaret lives differently. Her routine does not consist of rehearsals and applause of fans, and wrestling. Fight for your past, for their own memory, which on the background of Alzheimer’s disease, rapidly leaves the star.

Another heroine of the program “the Destiny of man” was the daughter of the legendary actress Anna Terekhova. For the first time the actress spoke about the health of the mother. According to heiress Margarita Borisovna, now she can’t even talk.

“Mom became like a baby. Such a cute, touching a girl, virtually have no connection with this world. She almost never speaks, no longer can. Only occasionally utters some words. But me and my brother mother finds out. Sometimes when I tell her some stories about old friends, she remembers them. I can see it in her eyes. And she loves poetry, I often read to her,” shared Anna.
Дочь Маргариты Тереховой: «Мама перестала говорить»

But then, in 1967, when the light had a daughter, Margarita Terekhova was unaware of how tragic is the fate waiting for her. The actress just started her career, and has managed to stand out to viewers for his role in the film “Running on waves”. It was on the set she met her future husband and father of Anna Savva by Gasymovym.

The passion between artists broke out instantly, but to save the relationship failed – already in 1969 they broke up.

“Dad dreamed of becoming a big star. He wanted to move from Bulgaria to Moscow and thought it was for him all at once will draw attention. However, the break turned out to be not so simple. And then there’s mom’s career took off, she became more and more popular, was lost on set. To accept that he was not so simple”, — shared memories of Anna Terekhova.
Дочь Маргариты Тереховой: «Мама перестала говорить»

Since he returned to Bulgaria, and my mother was lost on the set, little Anya almost all childhood spent in the company of grandmother. Of course, Margaret B. was worried because she could not pay enough attention to his daughter, but also to give up his beloved profession had been above her powers. In the end, all the passion and energy she splashed on the scene. According to the recollections of colleagues, Terekhova is so hard during performances that sometimes made their fragile fingers to crush metal glasses during a particularly tense scene.

After starring in the TV movie “D’artagnan and three Musketeers” Margarita Terekhova instantly became a sex symbol of Soviet cinema. Her Ladyship was the quintessence of all those images which the star is embodied in film and theatre. Passionate, bright … Oh such a role could only dream of.

However, in real life the desires of the stars were much more mundane — she wanted elementary female happiness. Wanted to get married again to have another baby. And it seems a higher power had heard her prayers. In 1980, Terekhova married George Gavrilov, and in 1981 was born the son of the artist Alexander.

Anna Terekhova admits that the father of her brother was not Georgy Gavrilov, a Tajik businessman and politician Mr. Sayfiddin Turaev.

“Then I have it to not cause problems. Mother was pregnant, lived with Georgy Gavrilov. She had not easy, and I was jealous. I was lacking a mother’s attention, and then she even told me about her pregnancy. But then Sasha was born, and it was such a happiness for all of us. She really wanted another child, I worried, that is not fully realized as a mother,” said Anna.
Дочь Маргариты Тереховой: «Мама перестала говорить»

Now his son and daughter are trying to provide the mother adequate care. According to Anne, she is much grateful to the parent. It is Margarita Borisovna awakened in heir interest in acting, and that she cared about her grandson, which appeared when the daughter Terekhova was only 20 years old.

“I think if I hadn’t got pregnant we would be with my first husband and got married. Mom spent a lot of time with his grandson, often stood to him in the night. With my husband they practically do not conflict, disagreements began when the question arose about the divorce,” shared Anna.

Despite the fact that the disease rapidly progressed, Margarita Terekhova, to the last did not want to give up work. In 2014, she voiced one of the characters in the movie “journey to the mother”. And let on screen, the actress never showed up, it did not prevent her from receiving the reward on one of the major Russian film festivals.

Dealing with the YouTube Koschevnikovi, Anna Terekhova read a letter that was recently written for your mom. “My beloved, you said you wanted to become again a little girl. To return to the period when you live with passion. Thank you for giving me all your life you have to prolong my life”, — hardly constraining emotions said Anna.