Дочь Маргариты Агибаловой отказывается идти в детский сад The girl cried when my mom tried to put her in an institution for kids in Cyprus. Motherly heart could not stand, and the heiress Margarita Agibalova achieved the desired result. The star of “House-2” had to suspend household chores.

      Дочь Маргариты Агибаловой отказывается идти в детский сад

      Family Agibalova is trying to establish a life in Cyprus. Margaret, her husband and children a few months ago moved to the Sunny island. Little Bella and her older brother Mitya with great pleasure spend time in a hot country. They like to swim in the pool at the Villa rented by the star electroni. In addition, children together play together, and together they have enough.

      The decision to send Margaret the youngest daughter in kindergarten, to free his hands for everyday worries, the girl is not supported. Little Bella refuses to go to kindergarten. She’s throwing the mother of hysteria, so that she wouldn’t leave her in a public institution.

      “Today, with the garden a total failure. Bella went with pleasure for the third time, but today at the entrance stood a good-hearted woman who decided to take Bella by the hand and lead her to the group. The reaction of Bella was immediate scandal, the cries, the tears she was trying to take from me, but my heart failed. Even Mitya cried, he felt sorry for Bellocco! Summary: all together I went back home, the kids are happy, and my mother without nail Polish and General cleaning,” shared Margaret.

      “I had exactly the same when my son was little, too motherly heart could not stand it, and we went home”, “Baby”, “If I saw the tears of his child, too, would have taken home”, “Kindergarten is necessary for the socialization of the child, though accustomed to the society, to the relationship. Homemade Babes still more greenhouse flowers similar. And then – parents are people too, and they must have time for your work or leisure time, or just sleep,” he told members Agibalova in the comments.

      We will remind, the island is so fond of the stars “House-2” that they have chosen accommodation on this earth. The decision to buy apartment in Cyprus took the whole family.

      Margarita Agibalova afraid to return to Russia

      “The time has come to share with you wonderful news,” Margaret wrote in his microblog. – We with mum have bought property in Northern Cyprus. It is still under construction. But we are already looking forward to! The complex is called “Renaissance residence”.

      By the way, the cost of apartments in the residential complex are quite reasonable. According to the rates on the website, one bedroom apartment of 56 square meters will cost approximately four million rubles. Within walking distance from the house is one of the most popular sandy beaches “Long Beach”. The area in which LCD is located, designate the name “Cyprus Miami.”


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