Daughter Margaret Agibalova surprised by the advancement of

Дочь Маргариты Агибаловой удивила успехами в развитии The girl spends in Cyprus the time. Margarita Agibalova decided to change Moscow to a hot island, where he found temporary shelter with children. Ex-participant of “House-2” shared pleasant moments of life in a new country.

      In June 2014 Margarita Agibalova second time became a mother. Her daughter Bella is still a tiny baby, less than two years. However, the girl has progress in development. Ex-participant of “House-2” has shared with her subscribers in her Instagram a short video of life in Cyprus, where I have family.

      In the video, Margarita withdrew their children at the pool. From little Bella already heard baby talk. “Spending time with the children in the air – a total rush. Bella is already starting to speak some, soon, Mitya is talking in unison,” said one young mother.

      Podpischiki Margaret was glad for my pet and told me about how things are going with the development of their own children. In the comments of the girls came to the conclusion that every child develops in their own way. Some children start talking earlier and others later. Overall, this is a very pleasing fact for mom, if her child is trying to Express their thoughts at such a young age, as Belochka.

      Video published Marzo Margarita Agibalova (@margarita_marceux) APR 6 2016 5:32 PDT

      Recall that in last month Agibalova hastily moved to Cyprus with her son and daughter. Star of telestroyki explained why she did it. “About moving to Cyprus – we are not forever! We’re just on a long vacation. When we get back? I don’t know, not soon. In Cyprus even in bad weather all is calm, measured life, no fuss, nerves, tubes. All people positive, smile almost all the time. I love children. Us well here! And this is important!” – posted by Margarita on the social network.

      It should be noted that the family Agibalova is not the first time in a Sunny country. About two years ago Margaret, together with their families held in Cyprus for the past four months. And this time, she and her husband Paul Marceau has not established timeframes regarding how long they planned to stay on the island.

      It is noteworthy that later this year the family of the ex-participants “Houses-2” will have the opportunity to enter into their own apartment in Moscow where the couple bought a newly built house. Before leaving for Cyprus family Margaret lived her mother, Irina Agibalova in a country house in the suburbs. Grandmother loves their grandchildren, so it was nice to adopt a daughter with children.

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