Daughter Lyubov Uspenskaya left the country

Дочь Любови Успенской покинула страну Tatyana Plaksina flew to the United States. Lyubov Uspenskaya haven’t seen her in over a month, since she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and build a solo career in the West. Star tries not to give advice to the child.
Дочь Любови Успенской покинула страну

Lyubov Uspenskaya is going through a separation with his daughter. They had not seen for about a month. Tatyana Plaksina went to conquer America. According to the assumption, Tatiana went to Los Angeles to record at the Studio. The girl was offered a job abroad, she will perform songs in English.

“The daughter of a very good voice, so she agreed. I told her do not give advice. Help only if she asks. And itself do not climb!” the singer said told reporters.

Love said that her daughter flew to the United States with a huge suitcase of things. Also, she took a canvas and paint. She enjoys drawing. The daughter of the actress often shares pictures of his work on Instagram. According to mother, in addition to this, Tatiana showed himself as a designer. Uspenskaya noted that its heiress wore the whole showbiz: a star go in her jackets, which she painted by hand. Now Tatiana has much less time on this activity.

By the way, in the summer the daughter of a popular singer Lyubov Uspenskaya had an affair. The girl and her Beau could not hide their feelings and were ready to show tenderness and passion in public.

Then Tatyana has posted in the microblog a picture in which she is depicted in the arms of a loved one. Guy gently held the girl’s waist, and she laid her cheek to his face, clearly enjoying this moment of intimacy. Tatiana did not hide her lover and said.

However, over the ocean, Tatyana Plaksina, apparently went one. She actively publishes pictures in Instagram from American apartments. Mom not worried about her.

“If she hasn’t, then she’s fine, she’s busy. And if it rings often, so need to worry. She’s not made up, just have a lot of free time,” said assumption in an interview with “Interlocutor”.