Daughter Lyubov Tolkalina studying Elvish

Дочка Любови Толкалиной изучает эльфийский
Masha is surprised by the actress’s unexpected abilities.

Lyubov Tolkalina my daughter Mary

Photo: Philip Goncharov

One of my favorite writers love Tolkalina — J. R. R. Tolkien. But the actress and could not imagine that her daughter Maria harder mother will love the fantastic world of middle earth. The girl even started to learn the elven language. “It is incredibly complex and incomprehensible. But in its 16 years, Mary can do it, says Tolkalina. — And she draws the illustrations to “the Silmarillion”. So she expresses herself”.

Tolkalina glad that every year Maria opens a new way and finds himself in an unexpected talents.

“I’m doing everything I can, and I believe that no amount of effort invested in the child,
will not be in vain. Thank God, Mary is not devoid of talent, says Love. — In addition to
what she draws, she writes songs, composes music, trying
to play… I invited her piano teachers and guitar, to somehow
to organize. I made her on a tight schedule additional
classes. Step right, step left — kick to the gut. (Laughs.) I, of course,
strain and realize that sometimes go too far, she can’t
to do in my presence. Mary says, “Mom, no matter what I did,
it will still be enough for you. And this is our problem…”
It’s true. I think I’m one, the others do not try. Have
me horrible temper, mood swings. Besides, I’m tired, and
so, all the tasks become problems and reasons to fight. Sometimes
I stop and think, “who am I fighting? With the man
brought into the world. Closer it I have no one”. Scared and upset
can cry the whole day. And Masha sometimes behaves like a
scientist: put me as bait on the line and watches me with

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