Дочка Лолиты Милявской запела
In the family of the singer grows another artist.

Dedicated To Leonid Agutin!) @agutinleonid, it’s not a blind audition from our family)) We have exactly the singer did not go)), but I really love to listen to the singing of the people, loving to do it))

A video posted by Lolita (@lolitamilyavskaya) on Jul 5, 2016 at 9:17am PDT

Lolita shared
a touching video from the family archive. The reason daughter
the famous singer eve, who performed on camera song of Leonid Agutin. Lolita assured that is not going to give the girl to learn professional vocals, but always with great joy listening to the speech of eve.

“It’s not blind
listening to our family. We have exactly the singer will not go, but I really
love to hear people sing, love to do it!” — wrote Lolita
page in the social network. By the way, many fans were left in awe
heard songs performed by 16-year-old eve. “Good job! Now sing the whole evening
this song so fervently she performs!”, “A positive! Nice to look at!”, “Just
super! Not every star will sing with such enthusiasm!” commented
followers of the singer.

Lolita Milyavskaya with her husband

Photo: @Instagram lolitamilyavskaya Lolita Milavskaya

Incidentally, the current husband of Lolita — Dmitry tries to help his beloved. In particular, he has a great relationship with Eva, which it doted. By the way, a professional fitness instructor he carefully ensures that all family members have adhered to a healthy diet and don’t forget about training in the gym. So, it now looks great as a 52-year-old singer, can be safely placed on by her husband.

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