Daughter Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina escaped from the problems in Africa

Дочь Лидии Федосеевой-Шукшиной сбежала от проблем в Африку The woman tried to forget about the contradictions with his mother. However, not so long ago it became known that the famous actress has deteriorated. Olga Shukshina urgently returned to Russia to chat with a loved one.

      Дочь Лидии Федосеевой-Шукшиной сбежала от проблем в Африку

      Olga Shukshina can not resolve moving her question to his own mother. The woman repeatedly said that he wants to sell his share in the apartment of Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina, but its parent doesn’t want to talk about it. Recently, the heiress actress and well-known writer became the heroine of the program of NTV “Talk show”. Olga has frankly told about what is now engaged, and the attempts to communicate with a loved one.

      Olga Shukshina after family conflict: “Mom, I missed you!”

      Reporters found Shukshin in Africa. A woman living in a small town on the shore of the red sea. She regularly attends the local Church and asks God about the reconciliation with her mother. “I am waiting for the Lord pointed the way to our rapprochement,” says Olga.

      The daughter of a famous actress does not hide that he went abroad to recuperate and to forget about their problems. According to Olga, she can’t get to the apartment belonging to the mother. Family Fedoseeva-Shukshina changed the locks. What happened, adversely affected the health of the heiress of the celebrity.

      “It was an attempt to run away, hide and go unnoticed. Wanted to run away from problems. So I made that choice. There was such a place that I can afford and health. These reasons gave me a niche where I feel comfortable and protected. The other side (relatives of women with whom she is in conflict because of the apartment – Approx.) will continue to play with me in silence. It is now impossible to run with this story. Why go around the Bush for years”, – said Shukshin.
      Дочь Лидии Федосеевой-Шукшиной сбежала от проблем в Африку

      The woman said that takes shelter abroad. Modest apartments cost about three thousand rubles per month. “It’s a penny, and the city by the sea. My apartment as our “kopeck piece”. The food is also cheap, you can live like human beings. Every day I go to the market, it is about a 10 minute walk from the house,” – said Shukshin.

      According to the woman, she takes her home in the suburbs. Olga also reported that he opened his own business – a small second hand with low prices. Case Shukshina brings her a small income. “I have enough to cover the rent of the shop and my apartment, and for the salary of my assistant”, – she shared.

      Until recently, Olga Shukshina preferred to be in another country, but not so long ago in mass media there was information that the condition of her mother worsened. In this regard, the woman was urgently returned to Russia.