Дочь Ларисы Вербицкой призналась в булимии The successor of the well-known TV presenter told how mother forced her to lose weight. Inna faced with the problem of excess weight in adolescence. One careless word Larisa Verbitskaya led a hunger strike of her daughter.

      Дочь Ларисы Вербицкой призналась в булимии

      In spite of the fact that her daughter Inna Verbitskaya now works as a model, it does not limit itself in meal. However, it was not always so. Within six years, the heiress of the presenter suffered from bulimia. As it turned out, the hunger-strikes and diets brought her harsh word from his mother.

      My body is a prison: when the pursuit of the perfect weight is transformed into illness

      In the period of Larisa Verbitskaya participated in the reality show “Last hero”, which was shot on the island of Haiti. Its 43 days was not at home. During this time, the presenter lost 15 pounds. Her daughter was about the same size clothes, but when she returned to Moscow, some of the things she was, and Inna small.

      “I only said one sentence, jokingly, with a smile, “Oh, wow! You dress is bursting!” And that was enough to make my daughter decided that she needed to go on a diet. And on what! Daughter was openly starve,” – says Verbitskaya.

      Ina recalls with horror these times. Moments of severe restrictions followed day when she was eating everything.

      “The periods of the hunger strike was over the fact that I ate a kilo of chocolate – they again gained weight. Only recently I realized that I was bulimic. Three days could eat nothing, and then pounced on the food. Weight all the time fluctuated. The parents were terribly concerned. All this lasted six years,” says ina.

      According to Larisa, her husband Alexander domowym saw daughter fading away. Spouse Verbitskaya took the situation into their own hands. The man managed to affect her and force her to think again. He talked to the girl every day, how she is thin, convinced that she needs to get better. The daughter listened to her father.

      “In the end, I decided that I was done and was normal pitatsya. The funny thing is that as soon as I started eating, I lost even more. As much as I weigh now, I haven’t weighed never. I have now a harmonious figure, there is a painful thinness. I’m glad for me, all ended well, and teenage complexes did not escalate into serious problems,” – says Inna in an interview with “7 days”.

      In the end, the heiress Verbitskaya not only ceased to fear ediv, but also became a good cook. According to ina, cooking brings her real pleasure and relieves stress. She learned to bake strudel on a course in Vienna, and cooking Thai soup “Tom Yam” in Thailand, as it believes that it is necessary to practice the cooking for the first time in its historic homeland.

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