Дочь Ларисы Удовиченко станет режиссером
Maria after a long search he found his calling.

Larisa Udovichenko daughter Mary. 2010


The only daughter of Larisa Udovichenko — 30-year-old Maria after a long search found his calling. After a long search, the girl decided on a profession, to which he devoted his life. Maria decided to become a film editor. At the moment she went to Italy to learn all the intricacies of this profession. About this magazine “7 days” said the actress.

“I’ve always given your child the right choice and wanted her doing what she really liked — said Larissa. — Movie world she was close. But daughter is more fun to be an actress. Now Masha is back in Italy to learn then”.

Udovichenko often visits the daughter, and together they arrange shopping in the Italian boutiques. “I’m trying on things, and Masha, who knows Italian and versed in fashion, explained to sellers,” says Udovichenko. Recall that Mary had mastered the international economy at the University. Plekhanov studied fashion business at the fashion Academy in Milan, then studied acting at the film school in Rome and even began to act in films. But, as a result, it was found that work behind the scenes it is much more interesting.