Daughter Larisa Guzeeva has increased its copy

Дочь Ларисы Гузеевой выросла ее копией
A video posted by the actress “blew up” the Network.

Recently Larisa Guzeeva showed how
looked in thirty years, published in the personal microblog stock photo. And
today presenter has pleased followers by posting a video where posing her
younger 18-year-old daughter, Olga, who the family affectionately called Lola. This post
caused fans Guzeeva a lot of positive emotions. Fans not only
admired how beautiful grown daughter of the actress, but how she

“Daughter — just your copy! Young Larissa! Amazing
beautiful, that’s what — genes” — they wrote. Pleased subscribers personal
page the stars and the fact that Lola had grown a gorgeous hair. Girl enough
often changes hairstyles and images. A year ago, for example, Lola cut her hair short,
much to the surprised mother. With a new image of the daughter Guzeeva was
similar in appearance to a teenage boy. Noticed it herself Larissa. “So
I like it… the girl gave birth,” commented a photo of the daughter of television presenter.

However, Larissa is sure that in any
issue children should have freedom of choice. This conviction in Guzeeva — her
violent youth. In his youth, future star by then, too, decided to
experiments with the appearance.

Larisa Guzeeva