Дочь впавшего в кому солиста «Отпетых мошенников»: «Мы верим в лучшее!» Andrey Repnikov needs help after a terrible accident. In a car accident the soloist of group “inveterate swindlers” has received multiple fractures and a brain injury, he is already two weeks out of the coma. The family has exhausted all financial opportunities.

      Дочь впавшего в кому солиста «Отпетых мошенников»: «Мы верим в лучшее!»

      With him Repnikova, better known in music circles as “Turnips”, the accident happened. Two weeks ago, the soloist of the trio “dirty rotten scoundrels” was in a car accident in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. A famous actor is still in a coma.

      The accident occurred in the evening at the entrance to the city. Andrew lost control of his car skidded into a ditch, where it flipped several times. Repnikov was taken to the intensive care unit of the hospital of Gatchina, which was near. Doctors conducted a number of urgent operations to restore the facial bones, jaw, ribs. In addition, partially solved the problem with his lungs.

      Member “dirty rotten scoundrels” is still in intensive care, where doctors are fighting for his life. Andrew in a coma connected to a ventilator.

      Family Repnikova may never recover from the incident. Daughter Daria, with whom the father is very close, said “StarHit” that the improvement in the condition of Andrew yet. She always goes to dad at the hospital and prays for his health.

      “The Pope’s condition remains serious but stable. He is in a coma, connected to a lung… As will improve, let you know right now we go to him in the hospital… – said the “StarHit” the daughter of the artist Daria. We believe in best and hope that all will be well.”

      The doctors are doing everything possible to bring Repnikova from coma and improve his condition, but the actor still has a long way to recovery. In addition to fractures Andrew serious and fundamental problem was a head injury, severe brain injury, damaged bark. The treatment is expensive. The family of the actor have already exhausted their financial resources, so appeals to fans of Andrew asking for help.

      The artist’s wife reported the Bank details, which can assist in any way possible Andrew Repnikov:

      Map Recipient – 5100690028742977 R/S Recipient 40817810703001219718 Repnikova Lubov JSC “Raiffeisenbank” f-l “Northern capital”

      Correspondent account in rubles – 30101810100000000723 in the North-Western Bank of Rossiii – 044030723ИНН – 7744000302КПП – 784143001

      Yandex-Money 410013001452098

      E-mail to communicate with the family of the artist: [email protected]

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