Daughter Ksenia Borodina received the medal at the competition

Дочь Ксении Бородиной получила медаль на соревнованиях
8-year-old Mary took second place.

Photo: Instagram

Though criticized Xenia Borodin that she does for her family, but she, like a normal mother, can not think about the future of their children. The eldest daughter, TV presenter Mary this summer was 8, and she’s already a few years seriously engaged in artistic gymnastics.

Borodin does not aim to necessarily make the daughter of Olympic champion, as, for example, Evgeni Plushenko. Skater first brought Sasha son on the ice when he learnt to walk, and now, when the boy 4 years, he has toured with his father! Ksenia believes that sport is an important part of parenting. And flexibility, good shape and sports annealing will be useful to any girl.

Last weekend, the Marussia showed what they are capable. On the final annual gymnastics competition girl took second place!

“I am proud of! Love it!” — commented on the victory of the daughter of Borodin.

Traditionally, the Mara (as its often referred to as home) for performance have caused a very bright makeup, with which and without that blonde girl was unrecognizable, but very similar to his famous mother. Attentive fans immediately noticed that her daughter Borodina definitely a great potentialities and it can become an outstanding athlete.