Daughter Ksenia Borodina need surgery

Дочке Ксении Бородиной требуется операция
The presenter told us about the health problems in Marousi.

Ksenia Borodina with her daughters Thea and Mary

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

Ksenia Borodina was very sorry about what I shared recently with the fans of their experiences. All the story began with the presenter that the eldest daughter is suffering from adenoids. Doctors insist on surgery to remove them, but the star is afraid to give Marusya under the surgeon’s knife. Problems with “ear-throat-nose” daughter Xenia is suffering from two years. Now she is eight, but Borodin still can not decided.

“Mara, it is necessary to remove the adenoids and I still can not be solved. I fear greatly”, — said the 34-year-old Xenia.

The story of the presenter about the issues Marousi health has resulted in criticism of the followers of Xenia. They believe that, say, Borodin incorrectly treats a daughter. Many began to dissuade the leading telestroke from the idea of surgical intervention, offering the treatment options.

“The more you will not write about the treatment, health, doctors, and begin to give advice or to judge. Despite the fact that I did not ask the Board. Every parent knows what is best for his child and chooses its own methods remember!” — said fans Xenia.

We will remind that recently it became known the name of the new host of the show “Dom-2”. It, surprisingly, become a… Elena Temnikova. In parallel with their own tour Temnikova will search for new participants of the show in different cities of Russia.