Дочка Кристины Орбакайте засматривается на ребят постарше Claudia is starting to show sympathy. According to Christina Aguilera, yet they do not discuss such topics with my daughter. Recently, the girl celebrated its sixth birthday.
Дочка Кристины Орбакайте засматривается на ребят постарше

Recently daughter Kristina Orbakaite Claudia noted the sixth anniversary. From an early age, the girl is doing ballet. As he told the singer she always wanted her daughter to go to a Studio.

“She’s doing well. While she copes with all loads. Three times a week, attends classes on the basis of very good schools. They teach professional dancers. We are now fighting stretch. It’s frustrating. The child is not immediately persuaded that it can be hurt and we should wait. Especially since I’m not one of those parents-the torturers, who, despite the tears and protests of the child, will insist in the classroom. I believe that children has to learn it themselves” – Orbakaite shared with reporters.

However, the singer said that it is unlikely the Keyboard will become a professional ballerina, because the girl is too high. In this kind of art usually are few large partners. “Tall dancers all very difficult. Just look at Ilze Liepa or Anastasia Volochkova, who left in free swimming, now arrange dance programs, and solo performances. In repertory theatres such high girls hard. So I don’t mistake a career ballerina. Claudia is really very high, but for the overall development, for the posture classes are useful,” added Christine.

Yet mom and dad don’t have to disperse the suitors of the girl. However, Claudius is already starting to conquer the Internet. Parents started her blog on Instagram, and recently daughter Orbakaite appeared on the podium with my mother. Kristina herself has not yet discussed with the child boys, but admits that Claudia has some sympathy.

“On such serious topics my daughter and I frankly haven’t talked. While her boys only friendship. I know that Claudia is sympathy, but to the older guys,” shared Christina.

According to Aguilera, it is too early to make predictions about the future career of Claudia. She believes that the girl will decide whom stat. “According to my sons, I know that nothing can be predicted. For example, I never thought of Nikita in more than twenty years decides to become a rock musician and start to take this seriously, and a movie that he dreamed of before, will come to him like a parallel direction. This is the fate of such things unknown to their parents,” Orbakaite told “Interlocutor”.