Дочка Кристины Орбакайте стала копией Моны Лизы
Alla Pugacheva has declared the granddaughter of similarity with the heroine of the painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Дочка Кристины Орбакайте стала копией Моны Лизы

Claudia Zemtsova

Photo: @Instagram alla_orfey Alla Pugacheva

“Mona Lisa” By Leonardo Da Vinci

Alla Pugacheva has made a statement the other day that her granddaughter Claudia is remarkably similar to the famous Mona Lisa of the authorship of Leonardo Da Vinci. In confirmation of her words in the Network were placed the five year old daughter Kristina Orbakaite. Alla chose the picture where the girl smiled enigmatically. “Mona Claudia”, signed Diva portrait Claudia.

Many users of social networks agree with Pugacheva. By the way, a little later, 68-year-old singer posted a microblog is another portrait of Claudia in the form of ballerina. Fans of the Divas admire the beauty of the daughter Orbakaite. In addition to ballet class, Claudia in scheduled English lessons. Soon this will be added, and music lessons.

At the same time, many write that Claudius “not up” to the daughter of Alla Borisovna and Maxim Galkin, which was four years long been overshadowed by all the members of his famous family. Recently Lisa was the debut on the catwalk. On the show of children’s collection of Galina Yudashkina she appeared before the audience in the Bridal outfit and made a splash.

Recall that recently Pugacheva spoke of being unwell. The singer said that age made itself felt: it was hard to move and breathe.