Daughter Kim Kardashian furiously jealous of a mother to her little brother

Дочка Ким Кардашьян бешено ревнует мать к своему  младшему братику
Because North star had to abandon breastfeeding Sant.

Дочка Ким Кардашьян бешено ревнует мать к своему  младшему братику

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with daughter North

Photo: @privatekanye (instagram Kanye West)

baby St

Photo: @kimkardashian(Kim Kardashian Instagram)

Kim Kardashian is desperate. During the recent
the TV show she told me that she had to transfer her baby at the St artificial
feeding. And she was so proud of how much she had milk and
it was evidently what her little boy good. But the jealousy of the eldest, and four daughters
North star was forced to abandon the feeding.

The fact is that since that day, when
the girl saw the mother put her baby to her breast, she began furiously
jealous. She made a habit of every day to throw wild tantrums during
feeding. Then North began to pull away from the Kardashian baby. Kim tried to hide
from daughter. She tried to escape from the St in
walk-in closet, but North quickly figured out where they should look for their mother. Last
the straw for Kim, was a sudden idea girls. During
regular feeding, North managed to stuff a small bag with milk
sticking out of his “straw” in the mother’s bra and tried to drink my drink
at the same time with a Saint! Here Kardashian has decided that she’s had enough, and from that day
started to transfer the baby to the artificial mix, which gives him a bottle.

However, it has not solved all the problems
associated with painful reaction of the girls brother. Despite constant assurances
parents, they love her still, North imagined, that is not true. And
now she’s pissed at mom and especially dad — Kanye West, favorite
it was before the birth of the Saint. The recent outburst of the girl shocked her parents.
North deliberately drowned her in the toilet mobile phone Kanye, which, among other things,
were all preparatory to recording a new rap album West. Frustrated Kanye
tried to give your gadget in for repair, but the success of this venture
failed. “None of the masters of the company Apple was not brilliant enough,
to be able to regain the record!” — told the West. The most striking thing
that Kanye still has enough self-control to not be angry with North.

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