Дочь Кати Лель поступила в престижную школу
Emilia will learn music on piano.

Katya LEL with her husband Igor and daughter Emilia

Photo: Olga Loskutova

Katya LEL and shared good news. Her seven year old daughter
Emilia entered in a prestigious music school. Happiness star mom
there is no limit, and it can be understood, after all, competition in any school of the arts piano class has five people in place.

The most important thing that admire about Kate is that Emilia herself
decided to enter a music school. “I am very pleased! says LEL. —
After all, it was her decision and desire! I think it is very important to give the right of choice
your child, not to impose their thoughts, in any case not get to go
along life’s path, who chose the parents. I hope my baby enough
patience and perseverance for the whole 8 years of training, although this is very difficult…”

By the way, Amelia wants to do is not only music, but also vocals. She loves to sing and, most importantly, she does it. Recently
LEL has shown to subscribers of his microblog video where the girl sings in school
stage. The first grader went on stage the first time performing at the prom

We will remind, the singer devotes a lot of time comprehensive
development of the child. So, long before entering the school girl was able to read,
write and count. Emilia is studying in one of the best secondary schools of Moscow, and
training is given to her easily.

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