Daughter Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky was transported to Russia

Дочь Юлии Высоцкой и Андрея Кончаловского перевезли в Россию
The Director said that his sister is now undergoing rehabilitation.

Egor Konchalovsky

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

Yegor Konchalovsky in a candid interview with Boris
By koschevnikovi in the “Destiny of man” spoke about his younger
sister Mary, daughter Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky. The Director said that now a girl, survived the terrible
a car accident in the South of France, is in Russia.

“After the tragic accident I saw Masha once only, —
says Yegor. — The French wanted to disable it, said, it is meaningless. It
transported to Russia, the crisis has been overcome. Of course, it will be a long and
heavy rehabilitation, how it will end — is unknown. God forbid it to happen
in the best scenario. Of course, all this is very sad. Masha lovely girl
absolutely”. The Director admitted that he is still consumed with guilt
in one case, which occurred shortly before the tragedy. “The main thing is that I can’t
myself: she once called me: “Hello, this is Masha Mikhalkov”. I
thought someone mocks. Already started to get mad and suddenly realized that it was the daughter
Andrew”, — said the Director. Egor can understand, because his eldest daughter is a namesake
my aunt, her name is also Maria Mikhalkov.

By the way, a few months ago that Egor told about the state
daughter Julia Vysotskaya. “Mary is alive and, though slow, but not that
is on the mend — there is some improvement. Under any circumstances
disable “life-machine” was not considered”, — said Egor, Andrey Malakhov. Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotskaya rarely
affect in an interview with the subject of the tragedy that happened in their family in 2013. Then
the accident actually took the couple’s daughter Mary. For many years the girl
is in a serious condition. However, according to Yulia, she still observed
very slow progress, which once again confirmed.