Daughter johnny Depp meets up with her boyfriend to spite the father

Дочка Джонни Деппа встречается с бойфрендом назло отцу
Lily-rose thinks that parents have no right to teach her to live.

Lily-rose Depp with her boyfriend Ashley Timestam


Lily-rose Depp, which
only 17 years old, feels very adult and independent. And although her father
Johnny has repeatedly expressed his disapproval of the novel daughters with
her boyfriend Ashley Timestam, Lily-rose
continues to meet with him. Moreover, as we are assured girlfriend of a girl, ash as
all his name, had practically been hooked to miss Depp on a permanent basis.

Lily-rose and ash not seen together in public already
for quite some time. But again, the paparazzi photographed them together, first at the airport in Los Angeles, and then
in Paris, where they flew on a plane. So that had begun to spread
rumors that the couple broke up, turned out to be groundless. Photographers claim
what Stymest was extremely gentle and helpful with miss Depp, and she
it was beaming with happiness.

Lily-rose and ash began Dating in the fall
2015, when the girl was only 15 years old. And johnny Depp has repeatedly expressed its
concern about this novel and about premature
his point of view, the start my daughter in modeling. Ash doesn’t like johnny
many reasons. Firstly, it is 8 years older than Lily-rose. And besides, he has a reputation
the bad guy, the master is to break girls ‘ hearts. He has managed to marry and
to divorce, leaving his ex-wife’malley Doyle with a baby.

Lily-rose, it seems, ignores the warnings of his father. And when the time
interview for the magazine Vanity Fair she was asked a direct question, what she thinks about the position
father about her boyfriend and her career, the girl answered rather sharply. It
said that parents have no right to teach her to live, because they managed to make a lot of mistakes. While Lily-rose referred to the rapid
the youth of the father and on the early career of the mother — Vanessa Paradis (the former civil wife Depp), which began
to play a risky role in the movie, even when I was a teenager.