Daughter Jasmine asks her more likely to give birth to

Дочь Жасмин просит ее скорее родить Very soon the singer will be born third child. Four Margarita every day asking me when will be born her brother or sister.

      Дочь Жасмин просит ее скорее родить

      Jasmine and her husband are preparing soon to become parents again. Third child the singer will be born later this month, and that happy events are waiting for not only the couple, but their daughter Margaret.

      As it turned out, the little girl counting down the days until the birth of a brother or sister. By the way, Paul the long-awaited crumbs Jasmine does not speak even to her husband. Four-year-old Margaret is looking forward to playing with the baby, and therefore asks his mother to give birth as soon as possible.

      “Margarita every day asking when the baby gets here. Complains: “I’m so tired of waiting!” Sometimes putting her to bed in the afternoon to sleep or read bedtime stories, the baby’s kicking, and she immediately jumps up: “Give me touch! And what does he do?” Answer: “says hi”. Then she lies on her stomach and tells him: “I’m waiting, my name is Margarita, I’m your sister.” It’s very touching,” said the singer.

      Unlike many other stars, Jasmine decided not to take a wife for the delivery, so how consid that nerves men can not stand. Pregnancy stars runs a little harder than the previous two. She experienced all the delights of morning sickness. She felt a terrible weakness, headache and changed taste preferences. Jasmine dreamt of sauerkraut and cucumbers.

      During pregnancy, Jasmine is not limited in food and not watching the weight very carefully, as do many other famous moms. She knows exactly how many pounds are already gained. The doctors advised her to eat balanced so that the body received all the nutrients: glucose, iron, calcium. However, under the ban was starchy and sugary foods. Jasmine not in sports, just swam along with her daughter. so looking forward to returning to physical activity.

      After the baby is born the singer is not planning to sit a long time on maternity leave. In may, Jasmine wants to record a new hit, and since the autumn, the performer can continue the tour. “My energy will be enough for a family and a job!”, said star edition of “Woman’s day”.

      Recall that the singer and her husband have chosen a name for the unborn child. Regardless of the sex of the baby, it will begin with the letter “M”. However, star believes that, most likely, a boy whom they will name Myron. In one of the dreams Jasmine could clearly see her future son – brown-eyed toddler who was staring at her mother.

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