Daughter Irina Khakamada showed idyll with her boyfriend

Дочь Ирины Хакамады показала идиллию с бойфрендом The girl and her lover, the athlete Vlad Sitdikov, took part in the charity project Fund “Syndrome of love.” Young people tried to debunk stereotypes about people with down syndrome. Users of social networks supported the video with Mary and Vlad.
Дочь Ирины Хакамады показала идиллию с бойфрендом

21 March in Russia and other countries of the world celebrated the international day of a person with down syndrome. On this day the charitable Foundation “the Syndrome of love” presented a video designed to break down stereotypes about people with a genetic anomaly. During the day he gained a few thousand views.

In a video Fund, published in the Network, starred young people with down syndrome, including the daughter of Irina Khakamada, Maria Sirotino and her boyfriend, world champion in bench press Junior Vlad Sitdikov. The characters in the movie debunked the most common misconceptions about those who have the extra chromosome.

“Sport is not for them.” I’ll be honest: the sport for everyone. When I play sports, lift 100 pounds in the bench press,” said Vlad.

Daughter Irina Hakamada also shared some facts about himself. “In my free time I love doing theater. In addition, I’m in College for the ceramist,” said Maria.

In the final video of young people speculate on the perception of people with disabilities. Vlad Sitdikov encouraged Teens to work hard and not to fall into depression because of down syndrome. He also shared a personal experience.

“Of course, I do not accept, because I have down syndrome. But do not despair, sit back. Need to work on yourself,” said Sadikov.

We also add that Maria Sirotinsky, Anton Sankevich, Mary Bodin and Maria Bystrova are one day the leading TV channel “Rain”. A special event was held within the framework of the charity project #Mediacentrum. The young people told about interesting events from his life and discussed them in the air.

“I would like to talk about the play “Cinderella”, which are of particular actors, my friends. I was lucky enough to play a major role… we work With professional teachers, costume designers and makeup artists. Premiere of this production will take place in Moscow in late may,” said Sirotinskiy.

Recall that the daughter of Irina Khakamada, Maria was born in 1997. A long time public figure chose to hide the child from prying eyes, but over time, her successor began to appear in public. In October last year, Maria Sirotinskiy visited the musical “dance of the vampires” with his mother and a close friend, an athlete Vlad by Sitdikova. The young people did not hide their feelings: they were hugging and laughing, holding hands. Daughter Irina Hakamada flashed at the premiere with her lover