Daughter Irina Hakamada flashed at the premiere with her lover

Дочь Ирины Хакамады блеснула на премьере с возлюбленным Irina Khakamada came to the musical “Tanz der vampire” along with her heiress and her lover. The young people looked happy and did not hide their feelings. Apparently, the mother of 19-year-old girl approves of the choice of Mary.

      Дочь Ирины Хакамады блеснула на премьере с возлюбленным

      Irina Khakamada appeared in public with her daughter Mary, who at this time came together with her boyfriend. They were seen together at the premiere of the musical “Cinderella”, but probably they decided that they should go out together. The girl’s mother, obviously pleased with the choice of heir. She did not hide that he is sincerely happy for her.

      Before the performance the lovers posed in front of photographers. Irina Khakamada, in turn, sought to capture every moment. Masha and her partner held hands, hugged and laughed. Surrounding could only be happy for them and the mother of a girl who is genuinely worried about what is happening at the heiress in life. When the daughter of a public figure appeared on “Cinderella” with her boyfriend, not all were able to immediately identify who she has this young man, but Khakamada quickly debunked the doubts and made it clear that Mary’s heart is now taken.

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      Дочь Ирины Хакамады блеснула на премьере с возлюбленным

      I must admit that the heiress celeb has held fairly steadily and trying to be as sociable and friendly. Mother always accompanies her to concerts, constantly attracts daughter to participate in various events that somehow helps her to adapt to the social environment. Apparently, the efforts of Irene were not in vain, since Masha was able to start a serious relationship. It is important to note that the star carefully planning leisure girls. The daughter of celebrity dancing, sport, draws a lot and studies English. All this had a positive impact on her. Recall that Maria was born with down syndrome, which at Khakamada began a difficult period.

      For a long time Irina Khakamada, the daughter concealed from prying eyes. Over time, she began appearing with her in public. According to most Khakamada, the second husband always supported it. It is worth Recalling that the celebrity has a son from his first marriage, Daniel, who also assisted in the education of the sisters. . At the moment she seems happy, because now next to her has a close friend who, apparently, understands it like no other.