Невестки Станислава Говорухина ополчились против его жены
14 Jun didn’t become a famous Russian Director Stanislav Govorukhin, who had serious health problems.

Невестки Станислава Говорухина ополчились против его жены

Now his daughter-in-law to claim his inheritance. The Director remained a four-room apartment, a total area of 200 square meters, and a country house in the elite village of Krekshino.

Невестки Станислава Говорухина ополчились против его жены

“What is the conflict? Inna and Vera — second and third wife of Sergei Govorukhin, the son of the late Stanislav S., pokumekali at leisure, and I realized: what did he die of a great Director. It turns out that when Govorukhin-the Pope has come another crisis, it back sent to be treated. Supposedly, young ladies offered to Galina Borisovna best doctors, best clinics, and she took her husband to Israel, where allegedly practicing unconventional methods of treatment. And if Stanislav went under the knife in a different place, then, you see, would still be alive. So their position is. It is clear that women just don’t want to chop off the inheritance. Although Inna, for example, could never climb. A couple of years ago Stanislav gave her son Stas apartment in the South-West of Moscow. Over 11 million! Beloved grandson… Is that enough? Faith, too, like does not live in misery,” he told a friend one of the women.

So far, no one from the family leader did not respond to the allegations.

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