Daughter-in-law of Boris Moiseev asks him to help

Невестка Бориса Моисеева просит у него помощи The woman lives in a dilapidated house in Germany. She claims she was in a deplorable state because of my daughter. Svetlana Carbah, former daughter-in-law of Boris Moiseev, asks for help from famous relative. After all, she once cared for his ailing mother.
Невестка Бориса Моисеева просит у него помощи

Problems in the family of Boris Moiseev started because of the ownership of the house in Germany, which bought the former daughter of the singer Svetlana Karbach after her divorce from brother artist Marx Pusher. The woman said that she wanted to live there with her daughter and two grandchildren. Svetlana at her daughter’s request, rewrote it three-quarters of the housing in exchange for a promise to make repairs. Niece of Moses asked his mother to give the last part and when she refused, Packed up and moved out, leaving her ruins, says Svetlana.

Karbach showed the film crew of the program “the Stars aligned” in what terrible conditions she lives in. The bathrooms are dilapidated, somewhere no sex, and some ceilings. No heating, no gas. The woman is not even a normal bathroom and kitchen. Svetlana does not work, lives on welfare. She with tears in her eyes, told journalists that he had abandoned daughter because she threatened to kill her.

Now the former sister-in-law of Boris Moiseev begs him to save her house, in return she promises to care for him, as once cared for his mother. After all, as Svetlana says Karbach, it was with the mother of Boris in the last years of her life.

Невестка Бориса Моисеева просит у него помощи“Come, Borechka! I want to hug you and do everything for you, what’s in my power ‘ cause Mama your I was assigned to it. I have one but you, no… She was my daughter, but turned into a monster. She doesn’t deserve to be called my daughter,” said the former sister-in-law of Moses.
Невестка Бориса Моисеева просит у него помощи

However, the native niece of Boris Moiseev, the daughter of his older brother Marx Svetlana Wagner refutes everything said by the mother. In the TV Studio, she admitted that her mother forced her to leave the house, and then ceased all communication. And she never threatened my mother, on the contrary, I called my mom to myself. She also lives in Germany but in another city. But the mother refused. At the moment, according to a statement niece Boriss Moses, it is not a co-owner of the house (given by court). And all she wanted was for the scandals in the family stopped.

The brother of Boris Moiseyev, who joined the discussion in the Studio, said that in contrast to the former wife to him from his famous relative nothing.

“Bob, dear brother, we all love you very much. We were never jealous of you and what you have created in your life. I did not think to turn to you for some financial help. Because I’m the conscience,” said the brother of Moses.

Boris Moiseev situation has not commented. As it turned out, he had not seen relatives. Also, when a few years ago, Boris Moiseev was in the hospital with a stroke, none of those who now asks him to help, wasn’t around. Niece to the question, why didn’t she help uncle when he needed it, he said simply: “it happened”.

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