Дочка Елены Кулецкой растет крепышкой The successor model, actively putting on weight. The two-month daughter Elena kuletskoy Nika weighs more than six kilograms, the growth of girls and sixty-three centimeters. A young mother believes that her child has reached such parameters with breastfeeding.

      Дочка Елены Кулецкой растет крепышкой

      A well-known model and former girlfriend Dima Bilan Olena Kuletskaya two months ago became a mother, giving her husband Stanislav Romanovsky, charming daughter. The parents named the baby Nike, and since its birth in their life was given a new reference.

      The young mother gladly keeps a diary of his daughter by posting in the microblog posts about the first achievements of the little girl under the hashtag “Dnevnikovye”. Noting recently two months since the birth of Nicky, Elena Kuletskaya posted a photo of his daughter in adorable white bodysuit and tutu. Fans of the young mother reported the baby and parameters: the weight of 6,100 grams, height 63 cm.

      “Happiness halt, or where it took my mother’s pounds,” commented the daughter, Elena Kuletskaya, alluding to the fact that her successor has a good appetite. At that time, as her star mom actively parted with the extra pounds, nick is also actively gaining while breastfeeding. However, it should be girls of a similar age.

      Options infant impressed podeschi Helena kuletskoy, including many young mothers. Not all of them can boast that their children grow as fast as the daughter of a model.

      “Krepelka! My son weighed six pounds at six months”, “Wow, what a heavy girl! Good job gaining weight!”, “Wow! Us tomorrow for two months and we are weighing 4700 grams”, “Wow! We are in three months weighed 5800, soon we four, know how many typed,” surprised fans kuletskoy.

      Many of them believe nick will be as tall and beautiful as her mother, and all the folds will eventually go up.

      Little daughter’s birthday is the only holiday that is celebrated in July Kuletskaya Elena and her husband Stanislav Romanovsky. July 16, the couple paper wedding, two years from the date of official marriage. A fun wedding with invited friends, exchanging rings and other attributes create a new family, Elena and Roman played a month later, on August 16. The ceremony took place in the South of France, in Provence. Elena Kuletskaya married

      Elena Kuletskaya and Stanislav Romanovsky considered one of the most beautiful and harmonious couples. And with the birth of his daughter, their Union became even stronger. A young father around helps his wife and worry about his daughter takes over. Elena admires the husband and often tells of his actions in the microblog.

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