Daughter Glyuk’oza be taken away from her closet

Дочери Глюк’oZы отбирают у нее гардероб Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova said that the successor is already dressed to the secular receptions. The singer forbids the girls to take her things without asking. But allows to take a 10-year-old Lydia and 6-year-old Faith days of beauty.
Дочери Глюк’oZы отбирают у нее гардероб

Gluk’oza, she’s Natalia Ionova – mother of two lovely daughters Lydia and Faith. The singer told how difficulties faced in raising babies.

“Wardrobe just flies to pieces, I’m still waiting for the eldest to grow my size. But I’m happy with them share everything, I do not mind. Of course, not allowed to take my things without asking, and so happy to arrange with them the beauty days, when we gather together for some holidays. We have formed a maiden clan. Eldest – she’s more “rap”, because she’s a teenager. By the way, I myself in these years I remember well – I was a Tomboy. I didn’t want to wear any dresses. or skirts, I loved jeans, sneakers, t-shirts… And loved them almost eighteen years, until I met my future husband, who asked me: “did You ever in your life dress to wear?” – shared’oza.

Natalia said that daughters like her character. The girls are very active. Lydia and Faith attend the clubs. They teach English, dancing and singing. According to Ionova, in children it is necessary to invest, develop to adulthood they have chosen the right profession.

“I am convinced that children need praise, they need reassurance, they need help. Especially now, in a world where there is little manifestation of kindness and compassion. Tough kids meet. I love that we have daughters and friendships, they are about all I can tell all problems to share,” – said Natalia.

The ions admitted that sometimes enlists the aid of a special literature, which describes how to act if the child is making a scene. “In such cases, I immediately ran to read articles by psychologists – do not hesitate to study any question to the child to tell you how to be good, and most know what to do,” said the artist.

In relations with spouse Natalia is trying to change with it. The singer said that at the beginning of the marriage it was for her “father”. “The husband is older than me by 13 years. And we are with him all the time new periods, because both him and I are changing, and it’s interesting. That is, first I was his “daughter”, and now I feel that had for him a partner,” Gluk’oza said in an interview with “OK!”.