Daughter Garkalin concealed from him the death of his mother

Дочь Гаркалина скрывала от него смерть матери A famous actor told about the loss of a loved one. Eight years ago, the wife of Valery Garkalin Catherine died from cancer. In recognition of the theater and movie stars, he does not consider himself a widower. The artist continues to mentally converse with the beloved.
Дочь Гаркалина скрывала от него смерть матери

People’s artist of Russia Valery Garkalin became the hero of the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”. The famous actor has frankly told about the serious illness of his wife Catherine, with whom he lived for more than thirty years. The woman died in 2009. Previously, doctors diagnosed her with cancer.

In recognition of Valery Borisovich, he still cannot come to terms with the loss of a loved one. The actor continues to remember everything to do with Catherine. Even after years Garkalin difficult to live in the house without his beloved wife. Sometimes the artist mentally carries on a dialogue.

“The classics are taught that time heals. This phrase accompanies any loss. I must say that’s not true. I can’t forget her eyes,” said the star of the cinema and theatre.
Дочь Гаркалина скрывала от него смерть матери

Garkalin admitted that he learned about the diagnosis of his wife when she was in intensive care. Relatives were afraid to injure the actor information about the illness of his wife. “No one called this disease cancer. Whether they spared me, then I do not know… I remember when I started to suspect that something was wrong. I caught myself on the fact that for months before the trouble, I noticed in kata subtle changes. She began to lose weight, and we are happy… She always wanted to lose weight,” – says the man.

Shortly before his death, Catherine wrote a letter to her husband. In his message, the woman thanked Valery Borisovich for the time spent together. Spouse Garkalin died in February. Nika, the daughter of a famous actor, was afraid that the father may be bad, why not immediately reported to him the sad news. The heiress of the artist waited a few hours.

“Goodbye to me, Katya wrote: “the Only thing I can say, valeric: “You always brought me one joy.” I never got the letters. I am happy that I had such a wife, who, leaving life, thought not about himself but about a loved one. She died on 15 February in the hospital. She called her daughter, and she initially hid from me. Everyone was afraid for my heart. Then she just said, “Mom no more,” recalls Garkalin.

The actor admitted that he had not experienced any disturbing premonitions. “I can’t make that claim. I didn’t know I would lose Katya,” – said the movie star. Eight years after the death of his wife Valery Borisovich wants to call himself a widower. “I’m a husband,” said the actor. He also said that finds out the wife in the character of the daughter. “Nika – beautiful girl. The same Apple that just fell from the tree” – shared Garkalin.