Дочери Эвана Макгрегора стали звездами рекламной кампании Fendi

Esther and Clara McGregor

The family theme continues to be popular in the fashion industry — brands actively employ in their campaigns star family. Recently, the American brand Calvin Klein released the sequel to the #MyCalvins sisters Kardashian-Jenner, and now another novelty arrived, and Fendi. Decade of its iconic Peekaboo bags Italian brand is celebrating with a series of commercials #MeAndMyPeekaboo. Premiere another video, the main characters of which were 22-year-old Clara and a 16-year-old Esther McGregor, daughter of the famous actor Ewan McGregor, was held yesterday on the page in Instagram.

The second Chapter of jubilee campaign clearly appeals to the younger audience of the brand. The soundtrack to the movie was the song Kanye West and young women embody the freedom and insouciance. The video captures one leisurely day in the life of daughters of Hollywood stars: Clara and Esther fool around in his room, enjoying the view from the balcony of the Villa, and then go for a walk to the ocean and roam the sandy beach.

It is interesting to note that Clara usually is on the other side of the camera — the girl studied photography in new York and works as a photographer. However, to go as a model, she also has managed in April 2018 Clara posed for Playboy, and also participated in the Dolce & Gabbana show. The older sister certainly was supported by Esther, who has not much experience and more devotes himself to music.

Дочери Эвана Макгрегора стали звездами рекламной кампании Fendi Esther and Clara McGregor

In the video the sisters dressed in similar outfits: Clara and Esther posing for the camera in the boxy shirts and pleated MIDI skirts. Of course, each of the sisters there and the Peekaboo bag with removable straps that in 2015, the Italian brand was elevated to the rank of new accessories.

It should be noted that before the media popularity of an influential family Kardashian the fashion house Fendi also could not resist recently, the brand has released a video dedicated to the anniversary bags Peekaboo, inviting the participation of representatives of three generations. Heroines that have become family portrait of Kim Kardashian with daughter North West and mother Kris Jenner.

But for true fans of the creations of the Fendi brand has posted a video which allows to look into the Atelier and learn how to create bags.