Дочь Евстигнеева не сразу приняла его молодую жену
The actor’s widow Irina Zybina told that Mary Evstigneeva very worried about their affair with her father.

Дочь Евстигнеева не сразу приняла его молодую жену

Evgeni Evstigneev

Photo: Mosfilm-info

Irina Zybina

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Irina Zybina was a student of Eugene Evstigneeva in the theatre Institute. But something happened that scared all of the teachers, although it happens quite often. Between teacher and student appeared affair. Moreover, a novel rapid.

“Once Eugene A. invited me to his shooting, then we went with him to visit each artist Jure Sharapova — says Zybina. — I remember watching the picture, and one of them Evstigneev me timidly kissed. I have long been waiting for this. While I did not turn to call him “you” and by name. It is not that we have a huge age difference, her I didn’t feel. Just after all, originally Evstigneev was my teacher and I his student. It is difficult to adjust to the new way. But seeing as I choose my words, Evstigneev is stopped: “Honey, I’m simple and homely, like boots”. And from that moment he became my Zhenya”.

But Evstigneev, prefer to hide their relationship. Not only due to the fact that in a society such relationships are traditionally considered to be something reprehensible. Evstigneev shore of the feelings of his daughter Masha. After less than a year after the death of her mother, previous wife of actor — Lilies of Jurkynas.

“Once Genia decided: “I told my daughter that I want her to meet my girl.” I was confused: “Hello arrived, we should know each other”. “But today I’ll introduce her officially. In a new way.” Mashunya, of course, was stunned when he saw me, but there were no reviews, recalls Zybina. I’m awfully embarrassed, he smiled a bit awkward. Thus it seemed to me, Mary took me in right away, I’m a peaceful man, friendly, try with no one to interfere. Only 15 years later, Mary admitted to me that at first terribly was jealous me to my father. Now we are very close… And then it turns out, it was hard to accept the fact that his father so quickly found a replacement mother.”

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