Дочь Элины Камирен начала карьеру модели Eks-the participant “Houses-2” wants the girl became a star. Despite the fact that the baby of only two years, the woman is sure that she will follow in her footsteps and succeed in the fashion industry, so determined, with her interests now.

Former member of the home electroni countries Elina Kamiren often publish in his microblog pictures daughter Sasha, who is now two years old. She used to be in front of the cameras, she began to participate in photo shoots and even walked the catwalk at a fashion show together with a star mom. Elina recently posted “Instagram” pictures with the daughter of professional photo shoots and wrote that Sasha is starting a career as a model.

“Well, begin a modeling career! Most importantly, like Sasha! With the sport still to be determined”, – said Elina.

Fans immediately reacted to the news and wished success to the little girl. “She will succeed! She’s a darling!”, “What is it little beauty!”,”Long-haired beauty, just like her mother! Wish you success in all endeavors”, “Gentle Charmer. Still impressed how she not knowing Sashulka coped with the first defile.Such courage in the eyes, confidence, spontaneity, and fun. Mama’s miracle!” – admired the girl followers.

Recall that she is a daughter from the ex-member of “House-2” Alexander Zagainov. The pair have long tried to preserve the relationship for the baby, but in the end it ended with a rupture. After leaving the project, the celebrity was engaged in private business, and also started a vlog where he tells how to become successful and to seduce a millionaire. Little Sasha is present in many of the photos in the microblog star, a young mother much of his time to its development and often spends time with her.

Many say that she in recent months has changed dramatically. First, chose a different image, repainted from the familiar blonde in the searing brunette. And after a trip to the United States revised and values. The woman decided not to put their lives on public display and try to keep everything secret for family only.