Daughter Elena Sparrow was in the hospital in Germany

Дочь Елены Воробей попала в больницу в Германии Star worried about Sophia. Elena Sparrow showed a picture of the German medical institution where the girl. Fans tried to support the artist and wished good health to her child.
Дочь Елены Воробей попала в больницу в Германии

Elena Vorobei has shared with fans the sad news. Her 15-year-old daughter Sophia is in the hospital in Germany. No details about the child, the artist is not reported, however, did not hide that is very concerned for the heiress.

“My daughter, hold on! Everything will be fine, I know I believe.” – wrote the Sparrow in the microblog.

Some users of the social network noted that, in this medical facility, which is located in Munich, are well developed in the following areas: various types of surgery, pediatric orthopedics, neurology. Also working at the clinic spinal center. “Good luck! And get well soon!”, “Hold on and believe everything will be okay!” “I wish that all ended well”, – wrote the followers of Helena. The star herself also thanked them for their words.

“Thank you, dear, for your support! Believe me, it is very necessary to us!” – answered the Sparrow subscribers.

Дочь Елены Воробей попала в больницу в Германии

Recall, daughter Sonia was born from businessman Igor Konstantinovich. The man was then married to another, but the child refused and helped the artist.

“Sonia is my name. I told Igor that is going to issue the birth certificate of his daughter, he said, “Okay”, but he was in another city. In the column “father” at Sony says: “Igor Konstantinovich, according to his mother,” said star.

In 2016, the man died. It is known that Igor was seriously injured. The man fell off the roof while cleaning the storm drain. About nine months the doctors tried to save his life, but all was in vain. Daughter Sparrow met several times with my dad, but it was brought up by Helen, and other relatives.

“The last time I was with him [father] met and talked in St. Petersburg, when we came back. Then I more never talked to him, even on my birthday. It was the first time he didn’t call, not congratulated… He was kind, strong, very wise. I could not imagine what it means to live with dad. I was raised by a mother and relatives, and dad was not there,” said Sonya in one of the programs.