Daughter Elena Sparrow suffered a 6-hour surgery.

Дочь Елены Воробей перенесла 6-часовую операцию
15-year-old Sofia was urgently hospitalized.

Photo: Instagram

On the eve of Elena Sparrow have been through in my life a few
terrible hours, which would be given hardly any mother. Her daughter, 15-year-old
Sophia was urgently hospitalized in one of the private clinics of Germany, located
close to Munich.

Artist, published in the personal microblog on the photo
hospital door, asked fans to pray for the health
child. “My daughter, hold on! — signed picture star. — All will be well.
I know, I believe.” Elena decided not to tell us the diagnosis for Sonya was
taken to hospital, however, told about how many hours the operation lasted.
And the court for the duration of the surgical intervention, the disease in girls
not easy.

“Six hours of surgery! Six hours of uncertainty is
scary, — said a Sparrow. — Today we are all in tears, unreal
stress!” And without revealing the reason why she was at the hospital
the bed, Elena reported that the operation was successful. “Thank you very much
people for support, surgeons for their professionalism and to God for everything! — wrote
Elena later. — My daughter! Be healthy, my love! We all always
you always there in difficult moments and moments of joy!”