Daughter Ekaterina Volkova was in intensive care due to serious illness

Дочь Екатерины Волковой оказалась в реанимации из-за тяжелой болезни Star of the TV series “Voronin” remembered the incident that happened at the beginning of last year. Then the heiress Ekaterina Volkova wasn’t feeling well, and her parents had to urgently go to the doctors. The girl was operated on and connected to the sensors.
Дочь Екатерины Волковой оказалась в реанимации из-за тяжелой болезни

Actress Ekaterina Volkova gave a Frank interview to journalists. Star told of how almost divorced her husband, Andrei Karpov, when he participated in the project “Dances with stars” along with Elena Armin van Buuren. Volkova was jealous of a loved one. Catherine had not found a place for himself on suspicion of treason. At some point she was even ready to terminate your marriage, but this did not happen.

“In desperation I almost made a terrible. It was so painful that I began to think, not to have a bottle of pills, not to do away with once and for all. Eclipse some found. Terrible night. And in the morning came to me so warm and so soft Goosen (so the family of the actress called daughter Lisa. – Approx. ed.), gave me a hug. When she was only two and a half years. And I thought, “Here he is – the meaning of my life. What nonsense – all my bad thoughts,” said Catherine.

According to Volkova, then, so much has happened that offended Armin van Buuren has faded into the background. Catherine periodically communicates with Elena when he sees her at social events, but she prefers to ignore Karpov.

In January 2017 Catherine has experienced the strongest stress. According to the actress, she never talked about it. Then on the birthday of the actress at her daughter Lisa’s temperature rose. Had to call an ambulance. The child was taken to a medical facility. “Took blood, but the test showed nothing. The surgeon examined her, nothing. Chief doctor of the hospital examined the same result. Lisa drove home”, – said Volkov.

When Catherine arrived home after his shift, he found the daughter sitting over a basin. Lisa was sick, her skin had a greenish tint.

“In General, we again called for an ambulance. And then we said, “we need Urgent hospitalization! Peritonitis!” It turned out, now have kids of frequent mutation, the Appendix incorrectly bent to the back. Lisa had surgery, then was on life support. (…) The first time Goosen slept all the time, this is called drug-induced sleep. Then when she slightly came to, I was led to walk around intensive care, because even through the pain, had to walk in feet, not to stay,” recalls the actress.

The doctors have forbidden Lisa to eat and drink. The girl constantly watched the sensors that would shut off only during the arrival of Catherine. After some time, Lisa was transferred to a regular ward. At first Volkova was glad that the heiress is on the mend. However, when the star saw the conditions in which children are in hospital then changed its position. According to Catherine, there is nothing worse than suffering my own child.

“The cubicle is tiny and there ten children. Jan. Battery spahr, Windows don’t open. (…) All the chew, and Goosen, not absolutely nothing. I was indignant: why not to share – appendicitis separately, injuries separately,” Volkov was quoted by the magazine “7 days”.

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