Дочь Екатерины Волковой боится моря
The actress is resting comfortably with Lisa in Greece.

Дочь Екатерины Волковой боится моря

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: Instagram

Ekaterina Volkova rests with
five-year-old daughter Lisa in Greece on the Mediterranean coast. Despite
the fact that the sea at this time, warm and affectionate, “Goosen” refuses
to swim in the “big water”. But happy to swim in the pool. “Lisa from
pool just don’t pull out — smiling star. And in the sea turn-off. I
cheated — on-sea take favorite boats – a huge inflatable killer whale.
However, while Lisa still refers without enthusiasm”.

According to the actress, holiday with children
special. “They suck all the forces of the endless, “mom, look”, “give”, “help”,
“save”, “pay attention to me…” — says the star “Voronin”. — But in moments
tenderness this fatigue as if set to zero, and you think this holiday is the
happy in the world!”

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: Instagram

Taking care of her daughter and giving her all
your time and attention, Catherine does not forget about yourself. Even on vacation she doesn’t
ceased regular exercise, which enable it to brag
flawless flat stomach. “In the room to go do not have time, — says Ekaterina. —
But exercises on the tummy do regularly. It is easy and simple, and the result

By the way, today Volkova
last day of vacation. Ahead — work. And not only she, but her daughter
which will go to the new kindergarten. Preschool loving mother
chose very carefully and eventually settled on a private kindergarten with
a wide range of services.

You have left so many flattering comments about my press that skip this subject could not. As I said, the hall does not have time to walk (I confess), but the exercises on the tummy do regularly. It’s easy and simple, and the result is obvious. ?????????? Here are a few basic exercises from Volkova ))) be always perfect! ? @katerinariazanova #Volkova #Ekaterinaslav

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