Daughter Ekaterina Klimova was struck by the similarity with the mother

Дочь Екатерины Климовой поразила сходством с мамой The eldest heiress actress turned into a real beauty. Ekaterina Klimova and 14-year-old Elizabeth fans call a model of femininity. They can’t believe that this young mother is already such a grown-up daughter.

      Famous actress Ekaterina Klimova is the mother of four children, the star’s two sons and two daughters. The artist loves their heirs and periodically tells in an interview about their achievements. Ekaterina Klimova is not afraid of comparisons with the grown-up daughter

      The eldest daughter Klimova, 14-year-old Elizabeth is already making the first steps in the modeling business. A young girl along with her mother participated in a photo shoot for one of the Spanish brand, the frame of which Ekaterina Klimova shared with subscribers microblog. The picture shows a mother and her grown-up daughter standing next to each other, so that the fans of the actress have a great opportunity to compare the two beautiful ladies. Growing up, Elizabeth turning into his star mothers – the same slim waist, same shape of face, eyebrows, eyes, lips… Fans of Ekaterina Klimova can’t believe that this young mother such a grown daughter. They are showered with compliments favorite actress and her heiress.

      “Stunning beauty!”, “I can’t believe you have so many kids. Eldest is a beauty!”, “It’s a wonderful feeling when a mother looks like the daughter”, “What gorgeous girls”, “How does Lisa like a mother!” “Symbol of femininity”, “Beautiful mother and daughter!”, “My most favorite actress. How much beauty” – such enthusiastic comments leave followers Ekaterina Klimova under her picture with her daughter.

      By the way, Elizabeth strives to be like his beautiful mother not only in appearance. Looking at his younger brothers and sister, the girl dreams that her family will be more than one child. “I’m still not very far from the age when girls play with dolls, therefore unlikely to discuss this topic seriously. Of course, when you grow up in a large family, become less selfish, tolerant and hardy, so now I understand that ideally the family should have at least two children,” said Lisa in an interview.

      By the way, mother and daughter are very friendly. Catherine and Lisa have almost a one size garment, so it is convenient to use. In addition, she listens to the advice of the famous mother during shopping. Shopping Klimova and her heiress go together.