Дочка Добровольской заработала первые деньги
The actress said that seven year old Nastya is characterized by great autonomy.

Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya with her daughter Nastya

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya took my daughter to Yaroslavl, where the actress starred in the sequel “Double solid”.

“I was going to bring Cindy back later, but our nanny urgently
needed to get to my child, and I had no one to leave the daughter in
Moscow, — says Eugene. And she is very active and independent! First she cleaned my trailer, then
began to help the makeup artists and costumers — bags they wore. Here in Yaroslavl just
came Vasilisa Nemtsov — serial my daughter Julia, they Nastya familiar
since last year, and get along well, although Nastya for a few years her senior. And here
Nastya looked like a little girl running into the frame, goes to the Director
Vladimir Nahabtsevu and said, “I also want to do, think for me

So suddenly the seven year old Anastasia was the debut in the movie. “My serial my daughter goes to
the kindergarten, in these scenes, removed a lot of children — that’s one of the girls allowed to play
Nastia, with her episode with the words! — smiles Dobrovolskaya. — She and the fee, as expected, received —
first earned her money. But I think Nastya
the actress even becoming not going, she has another dream — to become a scientist,
and as I understand it, a chemist”.

Interestingly, the youngest son Dobrovolskaya, 14-year-old Yang, at the age of NIST also played a mother in several productions at the Moscow art theatre. “Fortunately, he doesn’t want to be an artist,” says Eugene. — Thank you
my God, it is considering other professions. And then, I don’t really believe:
here someone removed from childhood, then to become an artist. It’s in Hollywood it happens, and we have not.”

The full interview with Yevgenia Dobrovolskaya, please click here.

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