Дочь не узнала Светлану Лободу The last few weeks have been very busy the artist is. Svetlana Loboda, who gave birth to a second daughter in may, returned to the road. However, like any mom, she does not like to leave children. Junior Tilda even stopped to recognize her.
Дочь не узнала Светлану Лободу

In the past few days, Svetlana Loboda visited two large festivals. The singer visited Baku on “HEAT” and the very next day flew to St. Petersburg on the VK-fest. The star admits that really misses the kids. Svetlana gave birth to a second daughter Tilda in may of this year. However, a few days after the baby, the light was forced to fly to Russia at the award ceremony MUZ-TV.

Communicating with fans on instagram, Svetlana told how she met the youngest daughter when she recently returned from a trip. According to the artist, Tilda cried a lot.

“Yesterday I came home and she saw me and started crying because my mom wasn’t home a week and she didn’t recognize me. I was terrified. It took me 15 minutes of time to let her know that “I’m your mommy, I just have a lot of work,” said Loboda.

According to Svetlana, the children actors are very unlucky, as they are constantly deprived of parental care. Loboda also opened a tender nickname little daughter — her name is house of Tile. Many fans believe that the star gave birth to baby from till Lindemann, the leader of the group Rammstein. However, it does not confirm this information. One artist responds very warmly, emphasizing his human qualities.

As told to Svetlana, she’d like you to earn even more, as her team puts a lot of effort to make the audience happy. That’s why she raised the price for speaking out. The entourage actress was rumored that a private concert is now worth 50 thousand euros. The people working in the field of music, think this decision is Svetlana logical and reasonable.

“There is nothing surprising in the growth of remuneration no. So do many, Brezhnev, Gagarin… Because now they have to give up anything, is a time that you can spend with the child. The Loboda a different story altogether, flying on orders she would have from America. Proposals Svetlana comes a lot! This move — a filter, to be able to stay longer with my daughters,” said the organizer of stellar concerts Eugene.

We will remind, Svetlana grows another daughter, eve. The girl came to light when the Quinoa was in a relationship with choreographer Alexander King. The singer does not preclude the communication of a child with a former lover.