Дочка Даны Борисовой отказывается общаться с родным папой
9-year-old Pauline took her side in the family conflict.

Dana Borisova with her daughter Pauline

Photo: @Instagram danaborisova_official Dana Borisova

The other day daughter Dana Borisova — Pauline was nine years old. To the organized presenter children’s party gathered next girlfriend girl. However, the main gift in the form of her arrival of native Pope — Maxim Aksenov, the girl did not wait.

As it became known, This Maxim very complicated relationship, and Pauline knows it. Parents often fail to hide from her family business. As a result, the girl held a grudge against my dad, who regularly offends her famous mother. In the birth of a daughter Maxim, according to Borisova, sent her money for the celebration. But personally, to come or to call and did not. However, apparently, even if he appeared, Paulina could easily not even go out to him.

“He humiliates me on the phone, the phone takes forever, calls me names, and Pauline is out there, know who’s calling me. And, seeing all this, she stands up for me, protests, regrets, wants to call him and all of his children to Express outrage. About what is already there “will come, will come” can be when she’s an adult beyond his years and understands everything…” admitted Dana.

Fans, this situation is very saddened by the news and they wished Borisova to play quickly planned wedding with her new lover and to regain the family fortune. That TV presenter is preparing to become a bride again became known last month, but the exact date is not appointed yet.

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