Дочь Даны Борисовой: «Я хочу жить с мамочкой» Dana Borisova and Maxim Aksenov continue to argue over whether someone should live their legacy. Ex-Deputy presenter says that the star did not want the child, but Polina herself strongly disagree with the words of the father.
Дочь Даны Борисовой: «Я хочу жить с мамочкой»

Ten-year-old Pauline could hardly assume that will be a real stone of contention for his parents. First Dana Borisova and Maxim Aksyonov sued for custody of the girl. After a long trial, the court found that the heir of the presenter needs to live with his father, a famous mother required to pay child support.

Within a few months was Given honestly fulfill its financial obligations, trying at every opportunity to meet with her daughter. The other day Maxim Aksenov said that Polina is about to move to her mother and live with her. However, Borisov denied it, noting that the ex-lover still is the guardian of their child.

In response, Feldman said that the presenter uses the girl for PR and not really want to take care of her. However, Borisov this information have categorically denied.

“Everybody knows that he is financially responsible for the child that I pay child support. Again gives me baby, then let though child support will return. And he does not want to bear any financial obligations. I’m all for Polina doing, especially moving for her. Renovating the nursery, bought a bed over 39 thousand. I want to live with her daughter, but everything has to be justice, for the court,” — said Borisov with “StarHit”.
Дочь Даны Борисовой: «Я хочу жить с мамочкой»

Confirmed the words of the presenter herself Pauline. The girl admitted that actually wants to live with her mother. According to the heiress, the father just unhappy with her frequent communication with my mother that sometimes turns into a serious conflict.

“Daddy already twice threatened by the police due to the fact that I have a lot of time with my mom spend, but in the end never caused. I’m on the court should live with him, mom alimony. Another was a scandal when I refused to go with them to Spain. I just wanted to hang out with mom time. I want to be with mommy, to live with her and I hope it soon will be,” said Pauline “StarHit”.

Previously, Dana admitted that could sell their old apartment and now moved into the house next door from her ex-husband. She hoped that conflicts with Maxim Aksenov for my daughter in the past, but the statements of the men again put the presenter in a dead end. “He wants to give me a baby just like that, shortly before the first of September, but it’s wrong. I want a better life for my baby and someday we will live together but all of this must happen in the mind,” concluded the star.

Fans are incredibly proud of Dana, because she not only defeated severe addiction, but still was able to completely change your life for the sake of his daughter. It is possible that soon Pauline and her mother do reunite, at least Borisov ready to go at all for this.